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Missing the magic in the Magic Trackpad

Magic Trackpad

I’m all for the latest Apple gadget and I’ve been eyeing up the Magic Trackpad for some time now. I finally got one earlier this year and have been testing it out for a while now. Sadly, I’m not overjoyed with it; yet.

The first day was the worse. The cursor was extremely jumpy and the trackpad lost connection a lot. Figured out that a restart solved the connection issue. The mouse is still jumpy at times, but from what I read, this is an issue with Apple’s OS and external monitors. So I’ve come to accept that one. It’s not a huge issue though.

Really, there are two main issues for me that I need to work out.

1. Precision
With a mouse, I feel I can be much more precise with my clicking and selecting. When in Photoshop, this is key. For some reason, with the Magic Trackpad, I don’t feel that I have that. I find myself trying two or three times before getting that selection just right.

2. Clicking
To click you just press. To right-click, you press with two fingers. Sounds easy right? Then why am I getting a right-click when I want to single click? I can’t seem to keep my fingers far enough away from the sensors or I’m going to fast and it’s registering the click before I’m ready. I think the real issue is that I click with my pointer finger and right-click with my thumb and pointer finger. I think I need to learn the proper techniques.

Overall, my issues should all get taken care of over time as I use it more. I just need to remember to use it more. Since I’m not a laptop user, the trackpad is not something my fingers are used to. I’m sure that with a little more practice, I’ll get everything worked out.

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