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Blinkx Desktop Search for Mac

Blinkx released a Pre-Beta v.05 yesterday of it’s desktop searching software. This is the first desktop search software, that I know of, for the Mac. No Google, MSN or Yahoo yet and Spotlight, part of Mac OS 10.4, won’t be out for months. I haven’t seen many good reviews on this yet and I don’t think I’ll install it unless I start hearing some good news. Plus it’s a Pre-Beta. What’s Pre-Beta? If you wanna check it out you can, just visit Blinkx

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  1. Thomas aka TwisterMc says:

    Good to hear. I may just try it out. It keeps tempting me.

  2. Rick Finch says:

    This is great news for Mac users! I use blinkx on my PC, but I
    mostly use MAC for my work. It’s pre-beta, so I guess you have to expect
    some problems. I have just installed it and it’s been problem free so
    far. Give it a go.

  3. Geoff Naylor says:

    Brilliant! Just tried it out over the weekend. The smart folder is

    fantastic. Absolutely stunning piece of software!

  4. Thomas aka TwisterMc says:

    I’m trying it out as we speak on two different Macs and my feelings are mixed. I’ll have a review up by the end of the week though.

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