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Quick fix for iOS 6’s internet connection issue.

Wi-Fi IconWhen we returned home from vacation, our iPhones connected right up to our wireless, but they couldn’t load any websites. I was quite confused as nothing had changed with our wireless, but it failed to work; yet the computer worked just fine.

Turns out, the issue was with the DNS. A quick update to the wireless settings on our phone and everything worked again.

To fix your internet connection on iOS6:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Touch Wi-Fi
  3. Touch the little blue arrow next to your active connection.
  4. Touch DNS
  5. Change the numbers to (Google’s Public DNS)
  6. Touch Wi-Fi at the top of the screen to return to the main Wi-Fi page.
  7. Give it a few seconds and then try to load a webpage. It should work.

I don’t quite understand why the DNS just suddenly stopped working, but it was an easy fix and has been working smoothly since.

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