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Creating My Own Post Formats

WordPress Post FormatsI fell in love with post formats when WordPress 3.6 beta came out. I liked how I could showcase different content in interesting ways.

Since that kind of fell through, I started to see the issues that post formats create. Like how they add additional fields that themes don’t know about. Even the posts I created in WordPress 3.6 beta lost all the post format data that I had added. Good thing I did that on a test blog.

So now I’ve decided to use the existing post formats and just roll with it. Utilizing what WordPress 3.1 came out with seems like a safe idea.

So far I have video, link and image post formats styled on my site. They have different background colors, text colors, icons, and formatting. I’m just getting started though and we’ll see where it takes me.

I have lots of ideas for using post formats and I’m excited to be cleaning up and transforming my site into something that can showcase different kinds of content and share more information.

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