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Mac Blinkx Mini Review

We’ll I installed Blinkx last week thinking I’d run it for a while and write a review. I’ve been running it but not using it much. It does work as advertised, however it doesn’t seem like something I need. Granted I’ve never used the Google or Yahoo Desktop searches, since their not available for the Mac, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

The find feature in OS X works great. It’s fast and finds all the files I need. There are over 222,000 files on my computer and the simple find feature works in seconds. Granted, Blinkx digs into files and reads all my IMs and eMails, but I’m not one to search my hard drive for emails. I’ll go into my mail application for that. That is where they live.

All in all, Blinkx works and works pretty good. It does a good job of searching my hard drive and I do like the previews it shows before opening a file. I wish it would search just files though and leave out folders. Maybe it’s already a feature and I haven’t seen it. Right now, for me, my biggest downfall with this program is it’s less than pretty. The interface looks thrown together and the icons for searching mail, word documents or other applications look horrible. Seeing as it’s just half way completed, I’ll keep watching the future releases and see what evolves.

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  1. Lorna Mason says:

    I uninstalled this also, as it just isn’t much use to me. The “hype” I’d read about this product seems unjustifed, and quite frankly, rather suspicious. Look at the comments which have appeared on the Google groups. Seems like some sort of orchestrated campaign.

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