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OmniOutliner Review

Organization. It’s not one of my stronger features but I’m trying. Lately I’ve been using OmniOutliner to keep track of random notes and messages. This works better than Stickys but I still use them to. At home I have OmniOutliner 2 and at work I have OmniOutliner 3. Version 2 is much simpler and uses MacOS check boxes which I love. It also isn’t as hard to move items around via drag and drop. Version 3 has tons more features though. Everything from styling to encoding URLs into clickable buttons. After using OmniOutliner for a couple of weeks I have to say it’s pretty good software for keeping a persons thoughts together. Version 2 would be fine for most people, but if you love features and customization version 3 is much more advanced. One thing to note about Omni Groups products is the trail licenses. These are pretty sweet. You go to their site and find the link to get a trial license and it unlocks the entire program for a day. Well, in my experiences, some codes have unlocked the program for more than just one day. More like 5 days at times! And you can keep going back for trial licenses too. 😉 Overall I have OmniOutler a B+. Version 3 has some usability issues, especially with drag and drop re-ordering, but it works great for keeping me organized.

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