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Replace Instagram with Pressgram.

Pressgram ScreenshotRemember when Facebook bought Instagram and everyone got upset about Facebook owning all their data?

Back then there were some good choices, but most users didn’t switch. Well now there’s Pressgram which is a good alternative and a place where you own all your photos.

Pressgram, in its current state, is very similar to Instagram. You take square photos, add a filter and then share with Twitter or Facebook.

The difference however is that Pressgram uploads your photos to your Twitter, your Facebook or your WordPress blog. They are your photos, so why shouldn’t they be on your account?

Pressgram also has other features like watermarks, links to your site when you share, and very active developers.

The downside to Pressgram is that you don’t have all your Instagram friends. The nice little social network that Instagram has going on is one of their best features I think.┬áPressgram does have this feature as well, but it’s not as big yet and none of my friends are there… yet. However, that will get worked out in time.

It’s also iOS only at this time which is a bummer for Android fans. It’s in the works though; I think.

Overall, I’m very happy with Pressgram and think it’s a great Instagram alternative. I’m now using it to post my Instagram like photos to Facebook and Twitter and I’m excited to see where it’s going.

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  1. i am planning on android… it’ll just be some time as i iron out the core experience!

  2. Great post Thomas. Look for this on our G+ page soon

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