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Free Unlimited Private GIT Code Repositories at Bitbucket

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As I learn more and more bout Git, I realize that I’d like to use it to manage all my sites. Sounds great, except GitHub wants $7 a month for private repositories.

Bitbucket however seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. I can create as many Git repositories as I want and they are all private. Sure seems like a better plan than paying GitHub a monthly fee for private repositories.

Checkout Bitbucket

I’m just getting started with Bitbucket, but the feedback I’ve gotten from my friends seems positive. Now I just need to start adding all my sites to Git.

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  1. dohman says:

    thanks for the info thomas. i’m just starting out with git today and free private repos were just what i needed. i’m singed up with bitbucket now and made my first commits. i’m still playing with sample files now but happy to be on my way. 🙂

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