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Mayday. Mayday. Mavericks is panicking and restarting. Time Machine to the rescue.

Installing Mavericks

I was all excited to install Mavericks, but sadly, it didn’t go well.

Mavericks would kernel panic after a few minutes and then it’d restart the machine. The only way I could get the machine to work was to boot into safe mode. While in Safe Mode, I was able to use the machine and look at the logs, but they didn’t tell me much.

I tried everything I could think of with no luck.

  • Repair Permissions
  • Re-Install Mavericks
  • Remove any startup items.
  • Reset PRAM
  • Reset SMC
  • Talk to a Genius

While talking to the Apple Store Genius, he was able to find something in the logs about USB drivers. It wasn’t specific enough to find a fix and they weren’t able to help.

The only thing I can think of is the Logitech drivers I had installed for my mouse. Maybe that caused issues?

In the end, what I had to do was revert back to Mac OS 10.8. Luckily Time Machine was doing its thing and rolling back was extremely easy.

Back to 10.8

Time Machine is brilliant software from Apple and my Mac is back to working perfectly now; sadly in 10.8.

I’m going to go through and remove apps I don’t use and cleanup anything I can think of before trying Mavericks again. At least the next time I try I’ll know how easy it is to revert back if I need to.

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