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UpdraftPlus Makes WordPress Backups Simple

When was the last time you backed up your WordPress site?

Backup WordPress

If you’re lucky, your host backups your WordPress site for you. If they don’t, then who does? What’s going to happen when something goes wrong? What’s your backup plan?!

I’ve been searching for a good, free, solution and have come across UpdraftPlus. It’s a WordPress plugin that will backup all your files and the database for you. Even better, you can schedule it to run so you don’t have to remember to hit the backup button.

By default UpdraftPlus backups the files to your server. However, that isn’t the best idea. If your server were to go down, your backups would go with them.

Lucky for us, UpdraftPlus also allows you to connect to various other sites to offload your backups. I connected my backups to DropBox. Once they are in DropBox, they then sync to my desktop, where Time Machine backs them up, and so does BackBlaze. All of this, automatically.

It takes less 5 minutes to install the plugin and configure it. Once that’s done, you just let it do its thing.

UpdraftPlus is free, easy to set up, and will be a life saver if you ever have your site compromised or lost.

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