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Marxico Brings Markdown to Evernote

I’ve been getting more and more into using markdown to take notes do to the simplicity. However, the biggest issue I have is that I haven’t found a good app that’ll keep all my notes together and synced across multiple platforms. I’ve been using Stackedit for a few months now, but that was until I found Marxico.


Marxico is very similar to StackEdit, but with the ability to sync to Evernote. You get the simplicity of markdown with the organization and power of Evernote.

Where StackEdit falls short for me is the syncing. Yes, StackEdit can sync to Google Docs or Dropbox, but they’re not native Google Docs and I’ve always had issues getting their sync to work right the first time. That and they’re not well organized.

With Marxico, it just works. Syncing with Evernote is fantastic. It not only syncs the content, but it also converts the styles so that when you open it up in Evernote, all formatting is rendered and all markdown is hidden.


Marxico also saves all the markdown in a hidden field in Evernote so you can continue open the document in Marxico and make future edits. They’ve done a good job at making Marxico and Evernote work together and it shows.

The only downside I’ve seen so far is that it’s only a one way sync. You can’t edit the document in Evernote and have it sync back to Marxico. However, Marxico adds a visual indicator to Evernote so you know that the note was made in Marxico. It’s a nice little indication that you shouldn’t edit the note in Evernote.

I think it’d be great if Evernote supported markdown natively, but until then, Marxico is a fantastic web app that just works.

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