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Testing the WordPress Mac App

WordPress Mac Screenshot

I have to say that the WordPress Mac app is pretty nice, but it’s also the same as going to and logging in. Seems like it’s mainly a fancy stand alone browser.

It’s got a nice clean interface, works quickly, and does a great job at reducing clutter. The only big issue I see at the moment is it’s missing spell check! That’s pretty big for me as I don’t spell well. 🙂

I like where is going, I just wish self hosted blogs got the same amount of love.

Sure, the Mac app works with self hosted sites, but you lose so much of the functionality plugins add that posting though this interface is a bit restricting.

I’m sure that this will grow on me a bit more, but for those of us running our own WordPress installs, I think the WordPress desktop app is a bit lacking. For those with sites however, this is pretty darn cool.

Download the desktop WordPress app for Mac. Other platforms coming.

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