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The Reality of Cell Phones

Nick Miller Cell Phone Rant

We started watching New Girl on Netflix and they have some of the most random thoughts. This Nick Miller rant on cellphones is amazing.

You never know what’s going to happen with a phone. The hinges that hold the flip together, they get loosened over time when they get wet, and then, once you open it, it’s easier for people to go in there and see your passwords and, you know, see your codes. And once the screen breaks, you’re information’s all out there in the Twitterverse, man. And it’s all out there for everyone to see – all these little monkey-elfs, man, all these kids. That’s all they do – get your information, man.

Bottom line is, you can’t control your technology. That’s what’s going on in Japan with all these robots. Not for me, man. That’s why I trust a hard copy. Plain and simple.

Thankfully, we don’t have hinges on cell phones anymore so hopefully people can’t see our codes as easily.

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