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Add drop down indicators to Beaver Builder’s menus.

Beaver Builder is a great way to create quickly generate a WordPress site, however, it does have some quirks. One of which is no indication that menus have children. However, that’s a quick fix with a few lines off CSS.

/* add the drop down indicator to parent */
.fl-page-header .menu-item-has-children a:after {content: " ▾"; }
/* remove drop down indicator from children */
.fl-page-header .sub-menu a:after {content: ""; }

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Check out the before and after:

This code is setup to just effect the main menu and only one level. If you have more menus, you’ll have to adapt the code to work on your site, but that should be pretty easy.

Hopefully, Beaver Builder will get this added in a future version as it’s a big usability enhancement.

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