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Unlock your Mac with your iPhone.

Picture of iPad, iPhone and Computer

Unlox is a Mac and iOS app that allows you to unlock your Mac with your fingerprint, wrist or face.

The concept is simple and it works really well. Install an app on your Mac and on your iPhone or iPad and connect the two. Once both apps are installed and connected, every time you wake up your Mac, it’ll send a signal to your phone and ask you to unlock it. Simply scan your finger, face, or whatever option you selected, and your Mac unlocks.

If you’re opening your laptop, it takes a few seconds, but if you’re just coming back, and your computer is in screensaver mode, it’s nearly instant.

This works over Bluetooth LE so your devices need to support that; which most do. It doesn’t send anything over the internet either which helps with security concerns.

Besides just unlocking your computer, you can also control iTunes & Spotify, it can lock and unlock your computer based on your phones distance from it, and can even tie into Mac admin authentication requests to fill out those passwords too.

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