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Tiger’s First Days

Now that I’ve had a day or two to play with Tiger I think it’s a great upgrade. I ended up having to do a clean install, however that was probably a blessing in disguise. Especially since I didn’t loose anything major.

Overall the new OS is really nice. I’ve already seen tricks to keeping dashboard widgets on the screen at all times and other fun ideas. Mail is much prettier and I’m happy to see that Apple is moving away from drawers. Spotlight is nice also, but really haven’t had time to play with it to much. However I did find out that to get it to index my other partitions, I had to add them to the privacy list in Spotlight’s preferences, then quit system preferences, open them back up and remove it. Only then did Spotlight start indexing my other partitions.

Sure there are a few oddities, but I haven’t really found any major issues. I’m very happy with the upgrade and my system seem much more responsive. It’s hard to really review any software when a person has only had it a day or two, but initially it’s a great upgrade.

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