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Apple Mail with iCal and Address Book

I have an idea. Can anyone make a new Apple Mail application? Apple has the Open Source Project and it allows you use the tools that build some of Apples apps such as , Mail many other OS X applications. So, couldn’t you then just re-tool Mail and create a better version?

My idea comes from the project. If your not familiar with it, they created a version of Safari with many more features and better functionality. Now, why cant someone take Mail and do the same thing?

Here is what I’m wishing for. I’d like to see iCal built into mail so I can see what’s going on or add events without leaving Mail. I’d also like to add a sidebar to view/add/edit my Address book contacts. I know there is a window now, but it could be improved. I hate to say it, but Microsoft has most features I’d like. Only I don’t like Entourage a whole lot. I tried it once, and didn’t last long.

Do you think this is possible? is nice, but it could be much better.

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  1. Charlie says:

    Good idea!

    I'm going to take a new course… And hoping that I build this in two years or so 😉

  2. Tim Gaden says:

    Is this the kind of thing that you are looking for?

  3. Thomas says:

    That is nice Tim, however quite spendy.

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