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Thunderbird In-Line Spell Check

Why wait for in-line spell checking abilities in Thunderbird when you can have them now?! AusDilece has created a few Thunderbird extensions and one is the ability to check spelling as you type! Granted, I hear this feature is in TBird 1.1, however, why wait when you can have it now?!

I’ve been running it for a few hours and it’s working great. 😀

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  1. Jason says:

    I tried that extension once, and I think it created some problems. There are some test builds of Thunderbird that have this feature, and I’ve never had a problem with them:

    The latest test build with I.S.C. that I installed is here: (windows version)

    The only problem I had installing it was that I had to erase my old thunderbird install directory first – that might be standard behavior for any thunderbird install, though.


  2. Thomas says:

    I have a few random issues with the extension I posted about, but TB 1.1 should do it much better. Can’t wait. And I better not have to delete anything to install the new version.

  3. Thul Dai says:

    I have been using that Inline-Checker for a while, mostly because it was the only thing around. It was pretty buggy though, esp. with non-english languages. Whenever I had accents on my letters it would freeze up and other problems like randomly jumping cursor positions on occasion. It has very nice but badly published short-cuts though:
    on empty line, type ]]] to turn it on/off (e.g. before starting to type accents); type ]]0. ]]1, ]]2 to switch to different languages. There are more, but I forgot.

    Thb 1.5 has it built-in though and my first experiences (today) seem to indicate that it’s much smoother. Switching languages might be less elegant, but who is poly-lingual out there anyway…

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