If you’ve ever used CSS drop down menus and Flash on the same web page, you may have found out that Flash is always on top of the CSS. Well almost always, there is a fix!

Macromedia has a good tutorial on how to make a Flash movie with a transparent background. It’s quite easy and it allows for CSS drop down menus to drop down on top of a Flash file.

Basically all you have to do is go into the Flash publish settings, to the HTML tab and select ‘Transparent Background’ in the ‘Window Mode’ drop down. (I’m in Flash MX so newer versions of Flash may be sightly different.)

Then publish your file, including the HTML version and use the code in the HTML file when putting it into your web page. The HTML is important as there are a few new tags in the embed code.

It’s quite easy and and works well. For those who think you can just change the z-layer in CSS, well your wrong. Flash doesn’t care about z-layers and all that CSS stuff. It does what it wants. I’m just glad that Macromedia gave us a simple solution.