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Author: Thomas

Hours on the Road

Hours: 13+ hours on the road on the 4th but we made it back. I’ll write more later. Just nice to be back in Minneapolis.

Off to Cincinnati!

Off to Cincinnati!: I’m helping move our my future brother in law over this holiday weekend so I’ll be gone for four days. See ya’ll later.

PC Safari

PC Safari (kind of): I came across a site that lets you put in a URL and it’ll render out a screen shot for you of what your site looks like in Safari under MacOSX! It’s really pretty cool! Check out…

XML portfolio

Home: Yesterday I did get my XML portfolio working a little more. You can see a better, but not satisfactory, version of my XML Portfolio here. Hopefully I’ll get this figured out some day. Also, Chrisit and I went for a walk last night to Wendys. Might not sound like a big deal but Wendys […]

iTunes Music Store Rocks – Free Music

Home: Well the new iTunes Music Store Rocks! Free song of the week and it can print CD inserts for my playlists are just to of the sweet new features. In other news, if you look back to yesterdays morning post it was 38 at 9am. Well today it’s supposed to get up to 85!! […]