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Here comes the holidays, ready or not.

I’m not exactly sure where all my time goes. Last I knew it was Halloween and now Christmas is just days away. I have so many movies to watch and things I want to do, but I’m about out of time. Thankfully I have all my Christmas shopping done. I did most of it online […]


Lily’s Christmas Performance

Lily’s daycare had a Christmas party for the families last week. We all got together, ate some food and then the kids performed Christmas songs for us. It was fun seeing how much Lily likes daycare. She was running all around, wasn’t the least bit shy and just enjoyed herself the whole evening. Plus she […]


New iPad multitasking gestures are not so hot with a toddler.

When iOS 5.0.1 came out my original iPad got new multitasking gestures. I was excited because now I could use four or five-finger gestures to swipe up and reveal the multitasking bar, pinch to return to the Home screen, and swipe left or right to switch between apps. As I was testing them out I was finding it a […]


Happy Halloween

We’re all having more fun for Halloween this year as Lily is 2. She has a better understating of what’s going on and has been practicing her Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat. This year she’ll be going as a pink cat. It’s a warmer costume which is nice but also has quite the big belly. Trying […]


Halloween Arts & Crafts

Lily loves her arts and crafts. From crayons to paints she loves to put purple and pink on pretty much everything. Because of this we’ve started doing more with her and now are creating something new all the time. For Halloween we created spiders and pumpkins out of paper plates, painted mini pumpkins, colored ghosts, […]


Lots of Lily videos uploaded.

I finally went though my videos and uploaded 11 videos to YouTube. Some are from the past couple weeks, others may be a few months old. Here are a few of my favorite: Feeding cows on grandpa’s farm Lily’s 2nd Birthday Lily dancing with Lily