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Camp Snoopy Changing Hands

According to Screamscape, Camp Snoopy in the Mall of America has decided to part ways with Cedar Fair, the current owner. This is a big deal because Cedar Fair is a huge theme park company that includes Valleyfair, Knotts Berry Farm and Cedar Point. Not sure what’s going to happen from this point on, but […]

Valleyfair Announces RipTide for 2005

Calling all thrill seekers! Valleyfair is pleased to announce the addition of RipTide – 720 DEGREES OF ATTITUDE for the 2005 Season. RipTide is a suspended Top Spin ride, designed by Huss Manufacturing of Germany. Its floorless gondola seats 38 passengers, back to back. The ride reaches a height of 59 feet and completes 13 […]