Made on a Mac Plugin Instructions for WordPress

Install & Configure - Plugin Discussion
1) Download the plugin.

2) Upload the entire Made_on_a_Mac folder into your Wordpress plugins directory.
-- The final path should look like this

3) Activate the plugin via the Plugins area in the Wordpress admin.

That's it! If your Wordpress theme template is including the wp_meta function, you'll see the 'Made on a Mac' button show up there. If it doesn't show after activation, then your theme probably don't have that function call. Don't worry, we can do it the advanced way.

Advanced Put the following code in the theme's template where you want the button to show up:
<? if (function_exists('Made_on_a_Mac')) { Made_on_a_Mac(); } ?>

That's it for now. Enjoy!

Note: The graphic is a transparent PNG which works in all browsers except IE6 and older.

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