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I hate American Idol

What’s wrong with people?!! Chris Daughtry was supposed to win. He is the best singer left and he was voted off?!! I’m not even sure I’m want to continue watching American Idol. I don’t even know who I want to win anymore. Katharine McPhee I guess. I’m so disappointed. We better get a Chris Daughtry […]


Google Idol Lip-Syncing Contest

American Idol is down to four and we are all at the edge of our seats waiting to see who wins. But, then you think to yourself, I can do that, except the singing part. Well grab your web cam and get your favorite song as you could be the next Google Idol! Google Idol […]


American Idol Chris Daughtry!

My wife and I are addicted to American Idol again this year. However, in all the times we’ve watched in the past, we have never voted; until last week. Last week my wife voted for Chris Daughtry as he is one of our favorites. Then, last night we both voted. I called in for Chris […]


I’m no American Idol

I found out this weekend that I’m not the next American Idol. We rented Karaoke Revolution this weekend and gave it a try. Basically it’s Karaoke only you play it on Xbox (or GameCube or PlayStation). It comes with a Mic and is very cool, except I kept getting booed off the stage. That’s right, […]