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What Happened to Ecto? The Best Mac Desktop Blogging Tool.

Do you remember Ecto? It was the most best desktop blogging tool on the Mac. It supported multiple blogs, had Flickr & Amazon integration, along with iLife and so much more. But there hasn’t been a software update in about a year and there is no news on the site. It’s been quiet, to quiet. […]

Blogging on the iPod Touch

What better way to blog than on the go! With the Mobileadmin plugin for WordPress you can do just that. The plugin re-works WordPress’ admin area to fit in with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Actually, this post has been written on my iPod Touch. *Well, up until this point. // Image lost. Sorry. Zooomr […]

What Has Blogging Given Me?

A while ago, Just Shattuck posted a topic about what blogging has given him. At the end, he poked me to do the same. Even though I’m a bit slow, I’m still going to respond. 🙂 Blogging has given me quite a bit. It gives me the chance to get my voice heard. Some of […]

5 Reasons To & Not To Use Flock

Flock is an up-and-comming web browser. Based on Firefox’s rendering engine and having quite a few of the same qualities, Flock should be a contender as it works it’s way towards 1.0. However it has some good and some not so good qualities. Five Reasons To Use Flock 1) Nice Feed Reader – Granted, there […]