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Blogging on the iPod Touch

What better way to blog than on the go! With the Mobileadmin plugin for WordPress you can do just that. The plugin re-works WordPress’ admin area to fit in with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Actually, this post has been written on my iPod Touch. *Well, up until this point. // Image lost. Sorry. Zooomr […]


What Has Blogging Given Me?

A while ago, Just Shattuck posted a topic about what blogging has given him. At the end, he poked me to do the same. Even though I’m a bit slow, I’m still going to respond. 🙂 Blogging has given me quite a bit. It gives me the chance to get my voice heard. Some of […]


5 Reasons To & Not To Use Flock

Flock is an up-and-comming web browser. Based on Firefox’s rendering engine and having quite a few of the same qualities, Flock should be a contender as it works it’s way towards 1.0. However it has some good and some not so good qualities. Five Reasons To Use Flock 1) Nice Feed Reader – Granted, there […]