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When you run out of Dropbox space, try Copy. A great alternative.

I have Dropbox and I love it. It’s my goto for storing and syncing files to the cloud. Even though I’ve been able to rack up some additional free space on Dropbox, it’s still pretty lacking in the free space department. There are a lot of other options but Copy is quickly becoming one of […]

Using AdWords to get 16 gigs of Dropbox space for free works perfectly!

If you’ve got Drobox, then you know that you can get 500 MB of free space by referring friends; up to 16 GB. The problem is that all your friends probably already know about Dropbox. So what can you do? Reach out to strangers via Google AdWords. Using AdWords to get free Dropbox space has been […]

Get more DropBox space AND be better prepared for a disaster.

Who loves DropBox and who wants more free space? Well everyone that uses DropBox of course. And who has cataloged the contents of their house for insurances purposes? Probably not many. Turns out, that you can do both right now. DropBox is beta testing a new version of their Android app that auto syncs photos […]