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My Top 8 Thunderbird Extensions

Thunderbird is not quite as downloaded as Firefox these days, but it is a good start to what hopefully will become a powerful email client. In my daily use, I’ve tried many extensions and uninstalled most. However, here are 8 that I love: Lightning – Having a calendar right in your email client makes it […]


GotMail – Email Growl Notification Style

I decided the other day that I wanted a new, cool Growl notification style for when I receive new email in Thunderbird. Instead of creating a Thunderbird specific one, I decided to create a generic one for email. GotMail is the Growl notification style that I came up with. It’s simple in nature, but does […]


Growl Notifications in Thunderbird & Firefox

Today, the folks over at Growl released official extensions for both Thunderbird and Firefox. You can now be alerted when new mail arrives or when downloads complete. Install is extremely simple, just install the extension. That’s it. You can configure how it displays though the main Growl system preference just like any other application. It’s […]


Growl Present 1.0

To go along with Tinseltown, my Firefox Christmas Theme, I created Present for Growl. Growl is a notification system for Mac OS X: it allows applications that support Growl to send you little pop-up notifications. I had always wanted to create a Growl notification and found out that they are quite simple. I took my […]