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When you run out of Dropbox space, try Copy. A great alternative.

I have Dropbox and I love it. It’s my goto for storing and syncing files to the cloud. Even though I’ve been able to rack up some additional free space on Dropbox, it’s still pretty lacking in the free space department. There are a lot of other options but Copy is quickly becoming one of […]

Seven Reasons why iTunes Match is worth the $25.

I’ve been using iTunes Mach for about a week now and it is well worth the $25 dollars. Here’s why. iCloud Storage All your music gets added to iCloud. Unlike other services, you don’t have to upload it all. iTunes only uploads what it can’t find a match for on their servers. This significantly cut […]

Google Music vs Amazon Cloud Player – A quick review.

I’ve been testing out both Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player and have to say that they are both nice services. Below are my pros and cons of each service after someĀ initialĀ testing. Price: Google Music – Free (for now) Amazon Cloud Player – First 5 gigs are free, after that it’ll cost. Tip Uploading: Google […]