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Waconia has a pretty nice beach.

We’ve only been to the beach one other time since we’ve lived in Waconia and that was for picnic. But today we decided to check it out and go for a swim. The setup is very nice, there is play equipment and picnic tables on the grass and there is plenty of beach for everyone. […]

What’s wrong with this picture?

This is our backyard, can you tell what’s wrong with this picture? // Image lost. Sorry. Zooomr ate it. // What if I said I live in Minnesota? What if I said we are in the mist of a severe drought? For some reason, there are parts of our lawn that are bright green and […]

Weather Photos – Waconia MN 06-20-07

Yesterday, severe storms ran across the area and prompted tornado warnings for us. I was actually out watching these storms roll in as the sirens sounded. No tornadoes, but some brief decent sized hail, lots of pea sized hail and some rain and wind did come out of them. [images lost]

Snow Storm In Pictures

Well I asked for it, a real snow storm, and we got one. I’m not sure the exact amount but it’s somewhere over 15 inches. Maybe even 20. Here are a few photos we took this morning. Down the street with the flash on. The snow drift on the deck. View off the deck. Neighbors […]