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Waconia has a pretty nice beach.

We’ve only been to the beach one other time since we’ve lived in Waconia and that was for picnic. But today we decided to check it out and go for a swim.

Waconia Beach

Waconia Beach

The setup is very nice, there is play equipment and picnic tables on the grass and there is plenty of beach for everyone. There are even big umbrellas scattered across the beach to keep you cool.

It’s also free, as long as you don’t drive. If you drive, then it’s $5 to park which isn’t to bad.

Lily enjoyed it quite a bit, even though the waves from the boats pretty constant. Unlike other beaches we’ve been to, boats go buy quite often and the waves make it a bit harder for little ones. But they can also make it more fun.

We had a blast and will probably go back again this summer as it’s close to home and very nice.

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