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Should I Choose eNom or RegisterFly?

eNom or RegisterFlyWell I got my eNom domain name registration letter yesterday. It looked quite a bit like spam but I also got an email from RegisterFly right after it confirming the domain registrar changes. So it’s all legit.

It seems that RegisterFly use to use eNom but is breaking out on it’s own. And since RegisterFly has an “increasing number of complaints from dissatisfied RegisterFly customers” eNom decided to drop them. Now I don’t know what to do. Stick with RegisterFly or switch to eNom?

I am one of those that are getting increasingly dissatisfied with RegisterFly. I had no real problems till last year and then I ended up loosing one domain and other had registration issues. However, there is one thing I really like about RegisterFly and that is free WhoIs protection! This costs $8/per year per domain at eNom and that’ll double my domain name registration bills. Something I’m not to happy about.

So my problem is this, should I go with RegisterFly or eNom? I don’t really like RegisterFly, but eNom is unknown to me. Could it be worse? I guess it’s a possibility. It could be better to though.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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  1. BR says:

    I have almost completed the transfer of all of my domains out of Registerfly. I have been a martinally satisified customer since 2001 until the past 6 months. This company is going under very soon. The system is unstable, overbilling occurs regularly, their customer service department is unresponsive and completely inept, I have found the CEO’s Name (Kevin Medina) listed under the owner of several of my domain names and I had to change it. My account has been locked before for opening too many service tickets because of their unstable system. Fradulant is certainly a strong word, however I believe this company is not operating in good faith and perhaps is operating fraudulently. I have never seen anything like this in all of my years. GET OUT BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

  2. Daniel says:

    A bargain isn’t a bargain if you have to worry about whether the company will fulfill its END of the bargain.

    Take a look at … I’d gladly pay five times as much to be assured of the safety and access to support/management of my domain.

    eNom said they’d honor RegisterFly’s pricing. Good enough for me!

  3. Alex Hammer says:

    I have been a very satisfied customer of for the last 4+ years. I have various websites for different family members. Their customer service has been extremely good and hosting has been rock solid. They have told me that they are an enom reseller. For your consideration.

  4. Thomas says:

    So far eNom hasn’t reply to my support ticket that I sent in two days ago regarding domain transfers. I’m not sure what’s going on with them but I’m not getting a good first impression.

  5. Alpesh Nakar says:

    checkout netfirms. Domains cost 4.95 and at last registration i also got domain protection!

    Not Bad!

    I liked your new theme. Care to Share πŸ˜‰ ?


  6. Tom Jaworowski says:

    I really like the service I got from The commercials might be a bit weired but it is worth it. πŸ™‚

  7. John says:


    Avoid RF like the plague.

  8. Linda says:

    There is a very interesting article someone wrote about registerfly:

    Registerfly Debacle: The New World Orders Ultimate Reigns of Hell.

  9. Samson says:

    Check out the information posted at

  10. Tracy says:


    Run away from Registerfly as quick as you can.

    I also lost a domain in December (2006) due their lack of customer support and huge problems with renewing domains. I was just about to lose another one due to further problems w/ Registerfly when I got the eNom notification. I transferred two of my domains immediately to eNom. One, however, is still with Registerfly and even though Protectfly is disabled and I have put myself as the contact, Registerfly have not taken Protectfly off – the position I’m in now, is that I can’t prove the domain is my mine.

    Registerfly don’t answer phone calls, emails or support tickets. I even got diverted to a Toll Free directory service the last time I had been left hanging on the phone for Registerfly. The time before that they put the phone down as soon as I mentioned the word ‘renewal’!!!

    Get away as quick as you can.

    Although,’s website is down tonight, so you may want to bear that in mind.



  11. Thomas says:

    I got all but two moved to eNom. Now I have to figure out how to push the last two.

  12. Tracy says:

    Thomas, if you find out please post it here. I’m desparate to cut all ties with Registerfly, although I’m now worried about eNom.

  13. Tony says:

    If you still are having issues with register fly, Call They are moving my 7 domains from RegisterFly to them. They have been in contact with ICANN about the issue and are able to move the domains for you. Not sure if other registrars are doing this bit give GoDaddy a buzz, they can help! Took me awhile to find someone to help and they did.

  14. Suyog says:

    Please please dump this spammer called enom or other junk called bulk-register. They will take away your domain and sell viagra and rolex watches… m serious… stop now… this shit spammers must be shut down immidiately… ICANN should call itself ICANT if it supports spammers like enom… keep away…

  15. christian says:

    Illegal Business Practice by Enom
    Let’s say there is a hurricane that blows down your home. You go to get wood to build it up or gas to run your car and the price has now been multiplied by ten times. This is price gouging and is illegal and unfair business practice. Enom has applied this concept to domain renewals through their own reseller, whom went out of business, as well as their current practices (June 20th 2007). Enom and Registry fly were in business together and have had some of the same billing issues. Enom denies this, but it is a true fact based on lawsuits and my own personal experience with their management team lying and stealing from people who do not know any technical jargon. Do not deal with this company. Yes, they are very nice on the phone and nice people, but what they are saying is one thing and what they do is another. They are thieves. I spoke with Brendon out of the Seattle office and caught him in lies and let him know. he really had nothing to say except to send an email to Enom.

  16. DrewLoOner says:

    …so who would you recommend?

  17. Aurelio says:

    godaddy has been great so far. I am still trying to get some domains back from eNom, who somehow ended up with them even though I registered them elsewhere.

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