Every now and then we come across a PC game that looks like fun or issues with a Firefox theme on the PC and I have no way of testing them really well. Yes, we have a PC, however, I haven’t fixed it yet. It’s in need of a power supply and I’m a bit un-motivated to fix it. Playing around with Paralles latest version this weekend, the new feature Coherence is amazing.

Coherence makes Windows apps appear as a normal application on your Mac desktop. It removes the window constraints and desktop of XP and everything becomes independent.

In the screen shot below, you can see the XP start bar, Firefox Mac & PC, Google sidebar (minimized) and then the Mac desktop and stickies. Switching back and forth is just like any other application in the Mac. Even the running PC application icons show up in the Mac dock. How sweet is that?!

It seems that every build of Parallels is more amazing than the previous. They are constantly pushing the envelope and making the Mac and PC interaction very smooth and very easy to use. If anyone wanted to switch, but not loose that one application, this is perfect. There is no loss of speed, quality and any PC application will run. Prallels really is the best way to run XP on an Intel Mac.

Now if I could only get the XP task bar to move to the top as it interferes with the dock on the bottom.