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New Mozilla Addon Site Coming

Firefox LogoThe new Mozilla Addon site is just around the corner. It’s had a few issues getting off the ground, but everything should be live by Friday.

I’m not quite sure what all the new features are. Taking a look at it, it doesn’t seem that much different. There is a sandbox area on the developer side that I hope is for allowing themes and extensions to go live without approval, but I’m not exactly sure as I don’t see a sandbox area on the live site.

Since the new Addon’s site is working on going public, they’ve shut down any submissions to the current Addon site. This means that my new theme releases will have to wait until the new site gets launched and themes start getting approved again. This really throws a wrench into my master plan, but all the good stuff will come sooner or later.

If you wan to check out the new Addon’s site, visit If you know some details on the new site, I’d love to hear them.

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