GoDaddy LogoTalk about fishy, I just got an email from GoDaddy saying they already transferred my RegisterFly domain(s) and created an account for me. What the????

First off, I don’t use GoDaddy nor do I want to. Nothing against it, but it’s just not for me.

Second, how did they get my email? It’s not one I put publicly on the web, or used for my whois information. So where did they get it?

Third, this seems like a scam. Or a really bad promotion. By telling me they already took my domains and created an account in my behalf, without my knowledge, just seems wrong.

What’s going on GoDaddy? You’re pissing me off before I even become a customer. That is if I ever decide to become one.

Update: There may be more to this than I think.  It may be legit and I just wasn’t properly informed.  The buzz seems to be that GoDaddy was giving all of RegisterFly’s domain names for legal reasons.  Interesting.