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It may be time for a new mouse, what do you suggest?

My Mighty Mouse is again refusing to scroll down. It happens every now and then when it gets dirty from over use. I have cleaned it a time or two in the past and it worked fine. But now I can’t get it clean enough to scroll down and that’s really bugging me. I’ve gone back to my old Kensington mouse that’s working pretty good, but lacks additional, programmable buttons. 😀

In the past I’ve tried out a few cordless mice and have reverted back to corded every time. I’m not sure why, but I guess my preference isn’t one way or the other.

I recently checked out the Logitech MX Revolution mouse and learned to dislike it. It was great because it was loaded with buttons, cordless via BlueTooth, had a rechargeable base and a great form factor. What bugged me was the scrolling. The scroll wheel was sensitive and it seemed to always scroll a little bit whenever I moved the mouse. Or I’d spin the wheel and it’d go fast, so fast that when I changed documents it was still scrolling in them too. Basically it annoyed the heck out of me.

I’ve always avoided Microsoft mice in the past too, but more and more Mac people are telling me how great they are. Maybe that’s where I need to go this time.

So, if I go mouse shopping next weekend while the wife is out of town, do you have any suggestions?

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  1. Sina K says:

    I wrote a long comment, then some php error deleted it :(.

    Anyway, the conclusion of my message was that the Logitech MX900 is the best bluetooth mouse for macs. Lots and lots of buttons, rechargable, and uses AAs. Check it out.

  2. Thomas says:

    Sorry about the PHP error. Any chance you knew what it was. 😉

    Thanks for the mouse suggestion, I’ll definitely look into it.

  3. Steven Moncivais says:

    I was actually thinking of getting one of those Logitech MX Revolution mice for my laptop.
    My only trouble is it’s wireless capability.
    I carry enough power cords as it is, what with my Gameboy SP cord, my Nintendo DS cord, my laptop power supply and AC cord.
    I don’t need to add another power cord.
    There are a few corded Logitech mmice out there.
    I’ll have to check Newegg, Tiger Direct and Thinkgeek to see if they might have them.

  4. DaVo says:

    I have the MX Revolution. The scrolling has two features…a VERY fast scroller..and a normal scroller you get on normal conventional mouses (like a Microsoft stock standard mouse). To change from mode to mode you CLICK the scroller. And it will change the mode!
    I would get this mouse…it’s awesome. I’m actually using it right now (well not as I speak but…eh you get what i mean!)
    Give it another test and press the scroller next time to change the mode. 😉

  5. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the tips DaVo. 🙂

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