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Thousands line up for Barack Obama

My wife and I went downtown Minneapolis today not knowing anything was going on. We did a little shopping and then had lunch. After lunch we noticed a line was forming through the shopping center. It was across the street from the Target Center and we had no idea what everyone was there for.

Taking a look around, we started to see a lot of Barack Obama stickers and shirts. Sure enough, he was coming to town. 30 minutes later, the line extended through the Minneapolis skyway system for almost three blocks.

Obama Line Inside

But that wasn’t all. Looking outside at the front of the Target Center, hundreds more were waiting for the doors to open.

As we drove away from downtown, the line to get see Obama was unbelievably long. Literally thousands of people were in line waiting to get in to hear the presidential canidate speak.

Obama Line Outside

See that building with the white top? That’s what the are all waiting for.

Just the walk to the end of the line is enough to do me in, let alone the walk back in.  Most probably parked on the other side of, or next to, the Target Center as that’s where the parking ramps are.  I couldn’t imagine the odds of actually getting a seat either.  I hope they all have tickets already!

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