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MidnightFox and MidnightFoxy Betas Available

Two more of my themes are  now in beta and ready for you to test out.  MidnightFox and MidnightFoxy are both available for Firefox 3 and the adventurous type.

MidnightFox and MidnightFoxy Previews

Actually, you don’t have to be adventurous.  I have tested the themes on Mac and XP and saw no show stopping bugs.  Yes, there are quite a few outstanding areas that need theming, but I thought that the progress so far would be enough for some users who are patiently waiting; which I appreciate.

Bugs?  Issues?  Problems?  Yep, they are there too.  Don’t forget to let me know in the bug tracker so I can keep track of them and we can all discuss together.

So give MidnightFox and MidnightFoxy a spin and let me know what you think.

Download at the Bug Tracker.

18 Responses

  1. tom says:

    i support your work all the way dude you are our superman save us with midnight fox and midnight foxy and all your other amazing add ons

  2. Duane says:

    Midnight Fox on Windows Vista is just spectacular. I have been watching for the update for FF3 for quite some time and am not at all disappointed. Definitely worth the wait. Only one problem so far– the header for add-on extensions in AIOS is missing, so I can’t move from themes to my other extensions. Sure would appreciate a fix. This theme has fit my desktop better than any so far. Much appreciation for this beautiful piece of art.

  3. alexgg says:

    I’m using MidnighFoxy here. Looking pretty good. I just think there is too much spacing in the navigation bar, and is there a bug in the first tab when not selected (black, then some gray and black again at the very bottom of it)?

  4. Morgenstern says:

    Hi, i’m trying MidnightFox and it looks very good, but i think there are two little problems
    1 maybe non-selected tabs’ name is too dark: it’s hard to read it for me
    2 there’s a problem with colored tabs: I tried both ChromaTabs Plus and ColorfulTabs, but none of them works, so I think that it is a your theme’s bug.

    Sorry a lot for i’m writing all of this here and not in the Bug Tracker, but i’ve not got a Google Account.

    Thx for all.

  5. Jeff says:

    Beautiful. Aero Fox by Bodizzle was always my favorite (sorry) until FF3. Now I’ve tried yours and really like. I’m a fan of dark themes and I like that this is dark and colorful at the same time. My only gripe is the bookmarks dropdown. To me, the bookmarks are spaced a little too far apart and the dropdown itself is too wide. All in all thought, great work! And Bodizzle can go take a flying leap, MidnightFox is looking to be my new fav. Thank you.

  6. alexgg says:

    Any updates on Miint?

  7. John says:

    just my opinions but aren’t the icons a little small? aside from the giant back button of course which is kind of too big. Is there any chance you could maybe add in the old icons as an option for customizing? or is there some sort fo option I am missing to make the icons bigger? I just kind of have a problem with the icons being smaller than my mouse arrow icon (which is the standard size). Sorry for complaining.

  8. Jo says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I love Midnight foxy and have really missed it since downloading FF3!
    But I am over the moon that I now can have my fav theme back.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  9. Em says:

    Trying out MidnightFox, and it’s very nice. I’m a Miint user, generally, but I thought I’d try this out, since Miint is so good. I am not disappointed!

    Someone else pointed out that the spacing on the bookmarks drop-down is a bit much. I’d agree with that. Also, when I type something in a search, and options for what I could be typing drop down from the search bar, the first one is always darked out, but the other ones are fine. (I don’t think I worded that very well.)

    But hurray and thank you!

  10. Sarah says:

    I’m patiently waiting for the Miint beta, but these will also suffice until it’s out. Thanks for the cool themes!

  11. Happily Waiting says:

    I’m so glad your coming out with these for Firefox 3.
    Midenightfox is my fav theme and I’ve really missed it.
    I was worried you weren’t going to update. But now I know you are, so all I have to do it wait. Keep up the good work!!!

  12. Thank you very much, MidnightFox is one of my favorite themes! Your themes always manage to get near my highest expectations, which says a lot!

    Best regards from Romania
    Selenaru Negrea

  13. Dyego says:

    I thought I was the only one that loves the Midnight Fox theme, I can’t find another one that I like besides this one, and not having it for FF3 sucked!

    So thank you very much.

    Long life to Midnight Fox 🙂


  14. Phil says:

    Just loaded the beta for midnight fox. It looks beautiful. The only issue I have is with spacing. The bookmarks do seem a bit large. More noticeably for me is that the tabs all seem very wide. All more than handleable just to have Midnight Fox back!

  15. ander says:

    Great theme. Too bad the non-active tabs are so hard to read. I guess everyone has their preferences, but I can’t imagine what the author had in mind with the tab colors… Is my eyesight that bad?

  16. VegasDen says:

    Nice theme.
    My only problem is GMail Manager. For some reason the text of the address on the status bar is black (all other themes it’s white). Thus, you can’t read which gmail address (I have multiple) is being shown.

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