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Miint Enters Beta for Firefox 3

Each theme I work on is a bit better than the last and Miint is no different.  Miint enters into beta today with what I believe is to be the fewest issues and the most themed so far.

Yes, there are still things to do, like remove any unused files, and I’m sure some bugs will arise, but I’m very happy with Miint’s outcome so far.

The Miint beta is over, the theme has been released.

Next steps is to take some of the code and work it into MidnightFox and iPox to make them better. 😉

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  1. Pixie says:

    One step closer to PinkHope 3.0! Yay!

  2. zimzim says:

    This is AWESOME! i did always love mint! THANK YOU!

  3. alexgg says:

    Yay! Finally. Thank you, thank you. Loving it. It’s my favorite theme. Not bugs so far. Will let you know if something comes out.

  4. jessebear says:

    Best of all!!!

  5. jessebear says:

    might someone already got all firefox3 themes please do me a favor? I’m from China, and this country is well known for its control on ‘internet liberty’.
    my email addr is [email protected], I’m eagerly looking forward to the FF3 TwisterMc themes!

  6. jessebear says:

    Besides miint, iPox Aqua, extero and MidnightFoxy are all essential FF themes I hungrily need!!!

  7. Em says:

    Excellent! Thank you.

  8. justam says:

    Hey mate! Thanks for developing Miint for Firefox 3. It’s a real treat to see minty green on the screen again. =)

    Just a suggestion though… with the bookmark/history sidebar, the grey-ish background doesn’t quite suit the colour scheme (I think white/cream works a bit better) and the search box in it is also a bit off (the rounded edges contrast quite a lot in comparison with the address bar and search bar).

    Anyway, thanks again! Your work’s greatly appreciated.

  9. Friedel says:

    Oh boy, this rocks!!! Many thanks!!!! 😀

  10. Tymbark says:

    HOW on earth could I download it???

    Where ist the download button? Am I sightless?? I’m getting insane. I hate the firefox 3.0.1 but I was coered to download it, and now are all my themes away.

  11. Friedel says:

    move over there ->
    and get the .jar… 😉

  12. Jacob says:

    Hi thanks for doing miint, but i cant seem to download it right what do i have to do exactly?

  13. Thomas says:

    Jacob, it should officially be released in a few days (hopefully)

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