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My iPad has a sound issue much like the iPhone antenna issue.

Remember when people were complaining that the iPhone 4 had reception issues? Of course you do, it wasn’t that long ago.

Well it turns out, that if you put your finger over the antenna, then the signal strength dropped.

Guess what? The iPad has the same design flaw, only with sound!

You see, I was playing music on my iPad while surfing the internet the other day when my sound quality dropped. I couldn’t belive it. My seriously cool iPad sounded like crap.

iPad Sound

Turns out, that if you put your hand over the speaker, then the sound quality drops.

Not sure who’s designing these products over at Apple, but they seem to have all the same flaws.

And where’s my free iPad bumper?!

No, I’m not serious about the flaw. Just having a bit of fun. Seems that everyone was so bent out of shape over the iPhone antenna issue when, in reality, it’s a pretty minor issue.

I bet we could find similar flaws in about everything!

Like how my keyboard doesn’t work when my fingers are one letter off to the left or right. Or how my mouse doesn’t work well when I right-click instead of left click. 😉

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