Do you remember Hypercolor t-shirts? The clothing that changed color when touched?

Hypecolor T-Shirt ExamplesHypercolor clothing was around in the late 80s to early 90s and was quite popular. The shirts were one solid color, but when heat was applied, it changed to another color. So things like hugs or other people touching your shirt would bring out a new color.

It was a fun idea, but flawed. It seems that if you were nervous you could change the color of your shirt by sweating. You could also improperly wash the shirt rending it no longer color changing. A bit touchy if you ask me. There are quite a few times where you didn’t want your clothing changing colors but it would anyway.

Either way, Hypercolor shirts are hard to come by these days, but not impossible. Your best bet is grabbing one of eBay or looking for them at garage sales.

Did you own a Hypercolor t-shirt? Do you still?