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Beware of LaidLaw White Vans

If you see this logo on the side of a white van keep an eye on it, especially in the western suburbs of the twin cities. I encountered two of these vans this morning and their driving skills were horrible. One van was going about 20 in a 30 zone and decided to slowly merge in front of me. No blinker, no warning, just casually left his own lane and entered mine. I was afraid to be behind them getting on the freeway but I had nothing to worry about as the van, now going slower, ran the red light, turned left and entered the freeway ramp. Good thing the cars with the green light were watching so they could hit their brakes an horns. The second van, and yes it was a different one, passed me on my way to work. This one was going much faster. He took the same exit as me and ended up right in front of me. We both had our blinkers on to turn right when he decided he didn’t want to be in that lane anymore. So he switched his blinker to left and moved over like there was no one else on the road. In the mean time the car in the left lane almost got her front end taken out by the van. I don’t know if he doesn’t use mirrors or just didn’t care. It was way to close for me and I wasn’t even in harms way. Two vans, both with the same logo, in the same area, with no care for other cars on the road. If you see a white LaidLaw van on the road, be careful as you never know what they will do next.

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