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Google. It’s a Love Hate Relationship

It’s fun to get into Google and get my sites showing up towards the top, however I’m not having as much fun this month. So far in September Google has eaten up over four gigs of bandwidth. I’m not sure where they are taking it all from but I’ve started throwing robots.txt files everywhere disallowing access to any bots. The main pages are fine but I think Google is getting stuck in the calendars or something. However, my bandwidth keeps going up and fast. I’ve had to purchase extra bandwidth at a price that I believe is much to high and all I’m trying to do is make it through September! There is also another bot, Pompos, that has eaten up 2.5 gigs of bandwidth also. So between just those two bots I’ve gone over my free 5 gigs of transfer. On average I usually use about three so I’m not to thrilled. Maybe it’ll be good for the site in the long run but so far I see nothing good coming.

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