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Using Posterous To Post Photos To My WordPress Blog

WordPress + PosterousI may have found a use for Posterous!

I’m currently testing out using Posterous as a gateway between my phone and my blog.

By tying the two together I can take cool photos with my phone, attach them to an email with some text, send that off to Posterous, they’ll format it, post it and then send it over here to post.

All of this without leaving my phone.

It’s not perfect though. I will have duplicate content on my Posterous site and here, plus adding categories will have to be done later, but it’s a really easy way of creating content without sitting in front of my computer.

I have to say, that it seems pretty slick so far. I did it the other day with my Christmas lights post and will probably continue doing it.

It’s quick and easy and that’s what I like.

Now I just have to start taking cool photos!

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  1. Tim says:

    Looking for a way to extract just the photos from my Posterous blog and post the latest in a sidebar widget on my WordPress (hosted) blog. Any ideas?

  2. tim says:

    Thanks anyways.

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