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Master Multiple Clipboards & More with ClipMenu

I’ve long been looking for a good clipboard application. My requirements were something that was lightweight, easy to use, remembered all sorts of information, and free. After testing out quite a few, I fell in love with ClipMenu.


Ok, so it wasn’t love at first sight. Something about it wasn’t right when I first tested it out. I didn’t give it a chance. Lucky for me, I gave it a second chance a few months later and realized how powerful it really is.

ClipMenu is more than just an app that remembers your clipboard history. There are four things it does, and it does them well.

First off, it remembers your clipboard history. From text to images to HTML or whatever you copy. You set the number of items, you set the layout, and you are in control of quite a bit of how this application looks and works.

The second thing it does is snippets. You can add chunks of text to ClipMenu to ensure that they are not far away when you need them. Very handy when you re-use the same content, or code, over and over again.

Third is the keyboard shortcuts. Mastering these really makes the program shine. I have Shift+Apple+V setup to bring up ClipMenu; and it does, right where my curser is. I can then select from my history or access my snippets. Everything comes to me. Granted, it also has a menu bar icon if you’d rather go to it.

Fourth is the actions. This is one area I’m still exploring but the actions allow you to do more with the text. For example, you can right click on any clipboard history item and paste it as plain text, change the case, or do pretty much anything with the text.

And you get all of this for free!

ClipMenu is a fantastic clipboard application for the Mac and one you should check out if one clipboard just isn’t enough for you.

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