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They’re fine. Just relax a little.

3 Colored FlowersOne piece of advice we overheard when the wife was pregnant was to not freak out at every little thing. Now that Lily is moving around more and more, I realize how great that advice really is.

The idea is simple, if you freak out, your baby freaks out. They look to you for comfort and if the look on your face is OMG you’re gonna die that only makes it worse. Who knows, you might scar them for life.

If your baby bumps their head on something and starts to cry, tell them it’s OK and smile at them. Its even OK to laugh a little. Chances are, the comfort you provide in your body language will calm them right down.

Babies have to learn how to move and how to do things on their own. As they do so, they’ll get bumps, small scratches, and things like that. It is inevitable. What matters even more is how you react and handle the situation.

I’ve done this a few times with Lily and it has worked wonders. She went from crying to fine in no time once I smiled and told her there was nothing to worry about.

So relax, enjoy your time together and realize that things happen. That’s life.

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