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I thought that today I’d lump a bunch of things together. — My new blog theme is coming along great! Check for it soon, hopefully before November. — Shapeshifter 2.0 is coming out next Tuesday. Shapeshifter is the best application for switching themes on a Mac! Speaking of themes, Hallo has reached version 1.1. I added a few more green/orange areas and a nice looking PumpkinApple menu. — Apple has released upgraded iBooks with cheaper starting prices. Now the laptops start at just $999 and all come with wireless cards. — Some sort of iPod event is happening October 26th. There are rumors of a 60gig color screen iPod or a special edition black U2 iPod. I’m hoping for the color screen one but we’ll see. — Adium .7 came out just days ago. I was a part of the beta group and it’s nice to see it become a reality. Adium is an amazing multiple service IM chat application that is very customizable! — That’s the news for now.

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