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Customizing FireFox – More Than You Know

Customization is a big part of computers any more. From themes to skins people are constantly finding a way to change things. But did you know that you can change other things too? I’m running Firefox on a Mac and I was installing some pretty widgets into Firefox when I started poking around. While inside my application (right clicked on the app and chose ‘show package contents’) I changed the very old image and broken image graphics to something a little more up to date. The old ones were from the days of Netscape 4.x. I also looked in the style sheets and realized that when Firefox draws input boxes it refers to a stylesheet inside Firefox. So I turned all borders to be 1 pixel solid instead of that indented look that they normally have. To me, the output was amazing. I also changed the G in the Google search bar to a much smoother G with no border. A few minor changes that I felt make my Firefox look a little nicer! Be careful though, by switching some of the information you could make things worse. For a while I had checkboxes with no borders. Kind of hard to see on a white background as they were white themselves. But, all in all, I screwed nothing up and made some sweet tweaks to Firefox that I’m very happy with.

Check out the Firefox Customization page.

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