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Netscape Is About To Come Charging Back

Netscape turns 10 on October 13th and ZDNet has learned that they are planing on making a big comeback this year!!

Netscape has been very quiet in the past years as Internet Explorer has taken most of it’s fans. However, things are starting to turn. Firefox is getting a lot of exposure lately and it’s good exposure. There are a lot of reports of security issues with IE and a push to drop it. With a name like Netscape, it could be just the thing we need.

Now forget about Netscape that you know of today. Think about a new Netscape. Currently the old Netscape is build on pre-firefox code. If they get that updated to the latest from Mozilla they’ll have great things under the hood! They also need a face lift. Let’s face it, the bulky look it has now won’t cut it. Also keep in mind who owns Netscape, AOL. AOL is widely used and if they started installing and using Netscape with AOL, that could be a huge push in itself.

Netscape is still a HUGE name in the browser world even though the browser hasn’t done much in years and that’s a great start. Tell people about Firefox and they may say What’s Firefox? Say Netscape and they’ll know what you are talking about. It still has the name recognition, now it just needs some fixing up and by the end of the year, we may have a brand new great Netscape.

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