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I took the Rush Cut

What’s a rush cut? You’ve never heard of a rush cut? Good. That helps as I make up my new saying. We’ve all hear of short cut, that path that is shorter than the original. Or maybe even long cut, that path that’s longer than the original way. Well now there is rush cut. Rush cut is a combination of short and long cut. During rush hour the main path is up the freeway. One stop sign, two stop lights, then I’m on the freeway and cruising fast like. Well, add in traffic and some rain or snow and the freeway is basically a dead stop. So I take the long cut. Through local streets, many stop signs, many stop lights and avoiding the freeway. However, during rush hour, the long cut is shorter due to the amount of time it takes me. This is a rush cut. A path that is typically longer except in rush hour, when this path now takes less time due to slow traffic on the short cut. Thus, the creation of rush cut!

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