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For Best Results, Visit Your Website Every Day

Website HealthHow’s your website doing? Mine is good today, thanks for asking, but it’s not good every day.

If you own your own website, you should visit it every day to ensure its working properly. Better yet, a few time a day.

If you visit your website at least once a day, you can see how it’s doing. Think of it as a quick health checkup.

Once and a while I’ll find some strange issue that just appears out of nowhere. Like when it was giving all visitors a 403, access denied, error the other day. That killed my StumbleUpon traffic.

I have no idea how access got denied and I think it was a hacker attempt or something in WordPress that went rogue as there were other problems a well. A quick email to hosting support and they found, and fixed, the issue.

I’ve had other random issues in the past too. If these issues are not dealt with right away they’ll kill the site’s traffic.

While you’re doing your daily test, fill out your contact forms or comment forms as well. You assume they’re working, but what if they’re not?!

A simple visit to your website once a day is an easy way to ensure it’s still running properly. It’ll keep your mind at ease and your visitors will appreciate it too!

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